Marketing from Inside Out

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Part of what we like to do at FrontLine Exhibits is to help our clients create memorable brand experiences that are in-line with who their organizations are. That is where our “Strategically Applied Imagination” tagline comes from. The most fun we have is getting to meet with teams who are passionate about their companies and really looking to break the mold. Not being different to be different, but to present the whole of their brand in a way that is uniquely theirs. That starts with brand introspection and having a complete understanding of who the company is and what makes it special.

Sometimes when we meet with clients they’ll tell us they want to do XYZ because they have a competitor that does it, or they saw it at a show, or they think it makes sense because of the show location (like when someone wanted an Elvis impersonator in booth for a Vegas show). They are seeing things that seem to be working or make sense and want to jump on that as a quick easy way to add a pop to the booth experience. I see this in many areas that I deal in. In my work with non-profits, they often want to things people find “cool” and try to cater everything to their audience in ways they think they’ll enjoy. This is where the thinking needs to be flipped around. Most often, what is being seen to be successful is because it aligns with the brand that it is coming from. It’s the old adage of being true to one’s self, not trying to be something you aren’t.

I am of the opinion that being the best, truest YOU, and providing authenticity goes so much further. Immersive experiences that captivate all of the senses win at engagement and creating positive, memorable brand impressions. One of the first CTSM seminars I attended was a presentation on “The Experience Economy” by Jim Gilmore who authored a book by that name. He talked about some of the famous immersive experiences like Disneyworld or The American Girl stores and how they captivated their attendees. Think about the memorable brand experiences you participate in, and how those brands are unapologetically themselves. Everyday examples like Chick-fil-a… if you go somewhere else and they respond to “thank you” with “my pleasure” you’ll probably think about Chick-fil-a!

There are examples that are not overly complex that can play well at trade shows. We worked with a Japanese company who served Japanese beers and sushi in their space and it was an absolute hit. We have clients who have a natural/sustainable ethos that will utilize things like solar power or live plants. Just answer the first question; what is the personality of the brand and how can it be incorporated? From there, what can be done to engage the senses of the attendee and establish this personality?

Between the booth design options, furnishings, flooring and promotional items, we can fully tailor a space to our clients’ brands. Making the space, not a culmination of others’ successful ideas, but a true representation of the exhibiting organization. If this interests you, let’s talk about how we can help make your booth the talk of the show this fall and beyond!