Design Trend – Simply Sustainable

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In my line of work, we are constantly seeing artwork, rebrands, trade shows and new products from a multitude of companies and industries. With this, we get to be on the front line of design trends as we watch them get introduced to the world in real-time. The current trend I’ve seen is a more natural, sustainable look. Let me describe this look in more detail.


White has been a mainstay with the popularity of Apple products skyrocketing 15-20 years ago, and it still has a place for meaning simple and sleek. Bright white though seems to have taken a backseat to off-whites/light tans that favor a more natural look. Additionally, matte, muted colors, often earth tones, now provide a soft background that allows logos and messaging to pop. For simplicity, one-color options like white or a laser logo like shown below look great. Full-color branding also wows off of these colors when contrasted, and gives a vibrant look.


Many of the base materials being used are the same but are coming in recycled form. We talked before about pergolas being used in trade show booths, a natural wood look is in. Both wood and leather are back like they never left. Additionally, hemp, cork, glass, and recycled materials are replacing plastics. The nothing-to-hide simplicity of clear glass gives a fresh feel. In a lot of ways, the materials are getting back to the basics. Manmade flash is being substituted for natural subtlety. Plants, real or fake, are also becoming a mainstay in booth spaces. They look great in the natural-looking designs.

VK-5151 Trade Show Island Exhibit -- Image 1

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