Trade Shows / 02.28.24 / By Chase Howells

From the Ground Up

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We’re floored to have heard how many shows are going without carpeted aisleways. It seems that more often than not, attendees are walking on hard, uncovered floors in between booth visits. This just makes the flooring in the booth itself that much more important. The appeal of comfort alone can draw attendees more than ever. Make a point to prioritize the floor, and remember, there are many more options beyond the standard show rented carpet. Are you aware of these?

Not your average carpet

I really like Brumark’s “XL Carpet” product as it offers some bold colors and a 50 oz weight! That weight is almost twice as dense as the standard rental carpet to give tremendous comfort. Of course it comes in the usual colors like black, gray and blue, but you get variations of those as well as some bright colors to match vibrant branding.

Make it your own

Carpet doesn’t have to be a solid color either. With inlays you can weave other colors through to create a natural flow for a space or just draw attention with a unique design. You can also add text and logos to create a plush representation of your branding.

The Look of Luxury

Roll out vinyl flooring that gives the look of wood or stone to perfectly accent a nice display. This thin layer of vinyl can sit atop plush padding to make sure to carry over the impact of the cushioning you’d get from carpet. It will roll up after the show into shipping cases to be reused at future shows. Here’s a sampling of the colors:

Puzzling Simplicity

Interlocking tiles offer the same broad color/design spectrum as both the carpet and vinyl in the form of cushioned tiles that interlock like puzzle pieces. These are great for smaller spaces as they can size up and down in a modular fashion, and are a simple setup for those who are tasked with setting up their own 10×10 booth spaces.

Wait there’s more!

Beyond the client favorites mentioned above are raised floor options, outdoor options, printed carpets, logomats, turf and more. With comfort for standing booth-staff and attendees being as important as ever, flooring can become an asset as an add-on. And with the many options to cater it to different brands and styles, it can be an integral part of the overall booth design as well. Contact us is you’re interested in learning more about adding trade show flooring at your next show!