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Floor It! High-Impact Trade Show Flooring

The most often overlooked branding opportunity at trade shows is right beneath your feet: the floor of your booth. Most of your competitors take the easy way out: They rent a gray or black carpet from the show organizer. But … » Read More

Trade Show Displays that Curve and Swerve

  Have you noticed that many trade shows feel like a sea of same? Blocky booths stand in rigid lines: square space, square space, rectangle space. Most trade show displays have a flat 8-foot to 9-foot top line, backed by … » Read More

Introducing the Trade Show Toolbox

There are a ton of trade show blogs out there that focus on the sales-pitch side of the trade show experience. They talk about every aspect of selling: how to generate quality leads, how to turn “no” into “yes,” even … » Read More