Looking Ahead to 2023

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As the fall show season winds down the focus is shifting to 2023. We’ve all spent the past year diving back into shows after 18 months off. The combination of taking that time away and then jumping into an old booth setup has led to a couple of things; more shows and new trade show exhibits. Here’s why that matters and what to watch for:

More Shows

In the spring no one knew what to expect and we had many clients start adding a number of shows on the fly. That built up the remainder of the spring and led to a very busy fall as well. The response from our clients after wrapping up two busy seasons? We need to do even more shows and events in 2023. If that isn’t your strategy, perhaps consider it because it is likely your competition are increasing theirs! To do that means to budget adequately. Nothing is getting cheaper right now as we all know, and that seems like a trend that will unfortunately continue.

It also means working out logistics. Chaining shows together creates new considerations for staff travel and the travel for booth materials! We encourage clients going this route to consider our asset management software and show management service to relieve the latter portion. The software allows you to maintain a cloud-based inventory and show schedule/calendar, and our service would move the stress of managing the shows and coordinating logistics from you to our team.

Additionally, there may be a need for new or additional displays and graphics, which brings us to our next section;

New Look Booths

Our clients are both increasing the volume of shows and the booth size next year. We’re supporting this in a few ways. We have expanded and solidified the “FrontLine Prime” offering to provide quick, cost-effective displays when something is needed in a pinch or just a backup display that would be used less frequently.

Graphic flexibility has been a driver so things like easy-to-change graphics and/or double-sided displays have been helpful. That way you can send one display to two straight shows and be “Product A” for the first show and “Product B” for the second.

When the booth size is changing we can utilize rentals as well as modular booth setups. Rentals allow a great way to expand on an existing display or create a one-time-use larger display without the full cost of a new exhibit. Modular setups are exhibits that use the same components across several sizes to accommodate multiple space sizes. Like the Sync 3-in-1 line that gives you a 20×20, 10×20 and 10×10!

As you get into 2023 planning let us know how we can help support your efforts!