Trade Shows / 01.30.24 / By Chase Howells


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Rebranding seems to be the topic du jour amongst many of our clients these days. Already in this new year we’ve had multiple projects to overhaul trade show items and office interiors for revamped brands. Even here at FrontLine we have adjusted our logo to make it a little more modern, and retitled this very blog! So what is going on and how does FrontLine fit into this for you?

It seems that the pandemic and subsequent post-pandemic eras have given us death, rebirth and now transformation, like a marketing “hero’s journey” if you will. Trade shows and events went away entirely for almost two years, then the following two years brought everyone back, many of whom came back with new displays and exhibits to represent the new era. Now we must be entering a period of new looks to fully bring forward the new displays and exhibits, and help transform the brands to reflect who they presently are. I also am seeing a sharp change in design trends that has made even recent design styles feel dated. For instance, we just rebranded an office that we worked on in mid-2020. In less than 3 years what seemed amazing at the time felt dated and in need of refreshing.

If your organization is rebranding or considering it, we are becoming a one-stop shop for all physical items needed. In addition to trade show exhibits, displays and office makeovers, we can provide promotional items and apparel. And as always, we want to utilize “strategically applied imagination” (our tagline) to ensure what we’re doing is fully in-sync with the new branding. That means we don’t just have to replace what you had with a new logo, but can look at how to create something consistent with the new branding. If the new logo has curves we can use products with curves, or maybe we use a new promotional item to work with a new bright brand color for instance.

Lastly, here we wanted to tweak our look with new fonts to bring us forward as well and keep our beloved “FLE” block intact. The blog that I started over 12 years ago titled “Diary of a Young Marketer” has long needed a new name as my gray hairs increase by the day! So we wanted to pay tribute to our tagline Strategically Applied Imagination by launching our new title “Applying Strategic Imagination” as we’ll still be using this blog to explore marketing and in-person marketing trends and ideas.

We’re here for the new year new you plans, rebrands and refreshes! Let us know if we can help.