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Technology is a pretty broad term in how it is applied for events and trade shows, but generally indicates something that will digitally add to the physical reality. That definition encompasses a sliding scale from lighting (slight electronic aide) to an immersive augmented reality (digitally stimulating the majority of senses). Wherever it may fall on that scale, it does seem to have a subconscious draw to attendees, so worth considering in any booth design. Here are three basic, but difference-making options for adding technology to your space:


Yes you’re correct, light isn’t a fancy new technology. Plugging in electric lights has been around since Thomas Edison’s bulb, but like the simplicity of the bug zapper, lighting is an automatic draw for people. LED backlighting has taken over the industry and nearly all display types have this option now. Even a simple banner stand overhang light adds more appeal than its unlit counterpart. If you don’t presently have lights, you can start with adding some LEDs to the top. If you’re ready to explore backlighting there are many options, here are a couple of my favorites: Radiant and LightBox Portable.


If you have, or have been around, kids then you’ve seen the incapacitating draw of screens. Now you may not be showing Cocomelon (thank you), but using screens still proves to be pretty irresistible even with adults. Like lighting this can range. iPads/tablets on the small end, up to full video walls. A good size for most linear spaces is a 50″ monitor. Big enough to grab attendees coming down the aisle and small enough to maintain portability to smaller shows. This size has worked well for clients who do in-booth software demos, livestreams and just looping high resolution videos. For those with larger displays, we often add larger monitors to our towers and large storage closets. For inlines, the Medallion (video shows both the portable large monitor stand and tablet stand) incorporates monitors cleanly on a tool-less modular display. That line also gives us our favorite portable monitor stand. There are two progressions from here; touchscreens and video screens incorporated into the structure. Touch technology makes the screen not only engaging visually but encourages interaction. You can have games, videos, brochures, websites, apps or whatever digital content you’d like to provide, served with the familiar finger functionality as a smartphone. The incorporated video screens bring walls and structures to life, and are so captivating that even a still image of them will attract the eye. Truly visually stunning. Touch and video walls wouldn’t necessarily fall under “simple” options, but are the logical conclusions for screen incorporation, and just look so cool!

Charging Stations

Back to simplicity, with the rising popularity of lounge areas in booth spaces, offering a place to charge devices is something your attendees will appreciate. Our friends at CORT have a “powered” rental furniture line designed to provide just this. We’re also big fans of the InCharg line that has sleek, modern charging stations. See some of those here:


I’d say this is still in the emerging technology category, but will soon hit critical mass. The cost of electricity on the show floor, combined with increased demand has started to move them from want to need. There are now battery packs available to power smaller lights. There are also larger battery packs to power devices that pull more electricity, but truthfully they aren’t quite there with portability and time before recharging at this point.

We are happy to develop a plan to add the “tech effect” draw to your next event or trade show space. Contact us to learn more.