Incorporating Social Media Into Trade Shows and Events

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Just about everyone spends time on at least one of the major social media networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) everyday. When used correctly it can be a great way to get some additional brand exposure out of a trade show or event. Here are a few ways companies are incorporating social media on the show floor:


Video is king these days, and all social media options have ways to incorporate it. Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram (among others) offer an option to livestream (broadcasting live video) content. This can be great to cover an important in-booth event like a product reveal or speaker. It allows those not there in the moment to engage in the excitement. The video can also be stored for later use.


An easy way to let people have fun and engage your social media platforms, photobooths vary in style but usually include three elements; a camera, props and a way to upload to social media. Most of the time the props are branded or related to the booth they’re a part of. These can be uploaded to the company’s social media account(s) of choice, or the attendee’s depending on preference.


These are “photobooth lite” and usually consist of a camera facing a large square frame that can squeeze in a few attendees. The frame itself can be branded and/or include messaging (like a hashtag to make it more social media related) about the event or product the company is looking for exposure for. A great option for races and things where participants can pass by and quickly create their momento from the event.

Live Comment Streaming

Particularly used for Twitter, some companies and events will have monitors or LED tickers that run live twitter comment feeds. It is an easy way to show buzz about an event, product launch or feedback on a speaker. Focus on a company’s mentions or a particular hashtag and watch the instant commentary pour in. Beware though, if something goes viral for the wrong reasons you won’t want to be highlighting that.

Hidden Hypeman

Social media personifies the brand/company itself and allows it to speak. Some use this around (before, during and after) their events to engage other companies, media and social media influencers that are attending. An email is much easier to ignore than a brand itself sending you a twitter push notification inviting you to be a part of their event. If it is on brand for your company to be outgoing and fun, try this approach to increase engagement.

Unofficial Attendees

Social media is a great way to allow attendees who couldn’t make it by your booth, or people who couldn’t attend the event to experience it. Post photos, recap what went on, if applicable you could have someone cover some of the important speeches/seminars to offer some additional insight. All of this can help your organization highlight its value to the show and industry. It also can serve as a great talking point with clients and prospects, “Did you see we just launched … at the show”.

Overall, social media is an absolute must for B2C and is still finding a true place in B2B. It is humanizing for a brand though, and offers more touchpoints and avenues for engagement. Utilize it to stay in front of your clients and prospects.

If you have some other effective social media tactics you’re using at shows/events, we’d be happy to hear about them! Contact Us to tell us all about it!