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Cross-Utilization of Talents

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Having a business degree in marketing and working in marketing related positions/industries for my career, I have seen how marketing and marketers can get downgraded among our colleagues in other business disciplines such as accounting, finance or management. We deal in the qualitative, creative realm versus the hard numbers, quantitative side of theirs. The truth is, marketers have to be well-rounded. The job requirements demand the ability to be creative (aid in developing consistent branding and advertising), be well-written (aid in developing copy and messaging), be accountable for numbers (manage budgets, measure return on investment), be a negotiator (with third-party agencies, venues, vendors, etc.), be able to delegate tasks and manage people, and be strategic (implementation, marketing mix, analyzing opportunities). Of course, everyone has strengths and weaknesses within these areas, but unlike the accountant who knows there is a limit on what is asked of them, the marketer is required to be a swiss army knife of business talents.

One of the most exciting things about being involved in the marketing world, trade shows and events in particular, is seeing how people find ways to cross-utilize their talents. Many clients and vendors of ours use these skills to further a good cause. This can be in the form of a charitable event for their company, side-work with a non-profit and/or developing their own event altogether.

It is common for our clients to come to us to order items they’re going to use for charity or side projects. Because unlike the finance person, the people in our industry know exactly how to organize, market/fundraise and execute events. We’ve seen our clients aide with (or more) charity golf tournaments, bike races, 5ks, food drives, church activities, functions for kids, and on and on.

In addition to charity and community involvement, we have many clients that utilize their skills for their own hobbies as well. That creative side likes to shine after work hours in the form of food (products and catering), music, photography, art and other creative outlets.

I love finding out about people’s non-work interests, and the sheer joy it brings to everyone’s faces to be doing this work despite the inherent stress and anxiety of these projects. I know we’re always happy when we get to touch some of these projects as well. It helps everyone involved to break free from what can become the mundane day-to-day.

As we head into spring/summer and event season, we look forward to again seeing how our clients are using their knowledge, experience and skill on their passions!