A Most Welcome Spring

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I’m almost scared to type this for fear it could jinx us (and yes I’m aware of the current world news), but we’re on track to have our first full spring trade show season since 2019! In Spring 2020 the bottom fell out due to the pandemic’s formal kickoff right as the shows were beginning, and Spring 2021 saw more people willing to step out, but the companies, show organizers and venues were not there yet. Fall of 2021 gave us a trial run on getting back with certain venues, shows and companies willing to partake live. So here we are Spring 2022, seeing the beginning of the real return after two full years away. Mainstream venues and trade shows are rolling in-person! Here’s what we’re seeing so far:

Nice to See You Again!

Last blog we touched on the trend of reinventing yourself for this relaunch of events. That trend has been holding for months and only increasing. That has given us the opportunity to reconnect with so many past clients, some of which we hadn’t heard from in years and some now at new places. So happy to hear from you all again!

Those of you who will be on the show floor soon for the first time in awhile will get to experience this fun reconvening in person. Enjoy seeing your old work pals outside of the Brady Bunch grid of the video chats!

March On

Since about last August, I keep saying how busy it is feeling each month, but my-oh-my February you take the cake. Our little outfit at FrontLine Exhibits has had dozens of projects in process aiming for use at mid to late March shows. The Spring is springing! To add some numbers to this, I looked at the “Trade Show Calendar” which lists 289 events in March and 250 in April! That after 47 in January and 77 in February. I think nearly all of you must be partaking in events over the next few weeks!

Early Returns

Those that I’ve spoken with who have gone to shows recently have said the attendance and energy have been great! And as mentioned above there is even greater momentum moving forward. Safety measures are in place, the events themselves not proven to be a danger to participants, and the cloud of fear seems to be lifting allowing people to enjoy the shows!

The Bad

2022 will never be 2019. Some of the anticipated issues have manifested like across the board price increases, extended (to put it lightly) leadtimes, stock issues, reliably unreliable shipping and a condensed production workforce. We appreciate your understanding, as these same issues have likely impacted you in one way or another. The extent of success is going to be, more now than ever, reliant on the extent of preparation. We will do everything in our power to help you get everything you need for your shows, but know that we’ve heard “no” from our suppliers more in the last few months than in the last decade.

Please join the many mentioned above and contact us! Let’s all have a wonderful spring together!