We’ve Been PROMOted

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Last month’s blog, “Creative Solutions for Creative People,” was focused on our efforts to become a trusted partner and one-stop-shop for all branded materials. We explored some of the ways we’ve expanded our offering to fit the demands of our clients. While we start on the show floor with most of our clients, that will often lead us outside of the trade show space to help with other branded projects. We have always focused on the big (trade show booths, office spaces, custom events, retail spaces), but lately we’ve had more and more requests for the small. That said, I wanted to introduce our new business line of promotional products!

I’ve often said FrontLine Exhibits can produce any branded materials larger than a piece of paper. Now we can offer any branded materials you may need period! Our new offering includes literally hundreds of thousands of branded promotional items, including favorites like pens, lanyards, notebooks, chargers and t-shirts. Take a look at our promotional item website:

The website allows you to create an account, apply a logo across all items, select and maintain favorites and easily shop with filters and sorting. You can even start with popular categories to build from under the “Event Planner” tab or look through categories.

The reason for this addition again isn’t to build a new core business, but to add an existing layer for our clients to strengthen our ability to be a valued partner in trade shows and events. We also have always discussed creative and unique giveaways to help create traffic and build brand awareness. This helps us to know what is available and potentially relevant to our clients’ goals.

If you’re interested in learning more about what we can offer, please contact us. We’re offering exclusive deals for current clients who give us a try on these items to help us build this business, so act now!