The Dos and Don’ts of Banner Stands

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tradeshowtoolsRetractable banners. Pull-up banners. Pop-up banners. Roll-up banners. Banner-ups. Window shades.

Whatever you like to call them, banner stands are everywhere. They’re the most common element in trade show exhibit design, because they’re easy to customize, they’re cheap and they’re simple to set up. But, like any other component of your trade show presence, there’s a right way and a wrong way to use them.

What NOT to Do With Banner Stands

Because they’re so versatile and inexpensive, pull-up banners are sometimes overused. We’ve seen clients build entire trade show exhibits out of banner stands. They’ll order three or four custom banners and place them in a line. They pull each one up and bam! Instant booth backdrop.

There are a few problems with this. One, it’s hard for a single person to lug three or more separate bags, instead of a single pop-up display, to a trade show. Two, most banner stands aren’t as durable as a real trade show display. If one gets torn or damaged, your company’s brand presence will suffer. And three, they just look cheap when they’re standing next to other, professionally designed booths.

 How to Use Banner Stands Effectively

  • DO use the right pull-up banner for the job. If you’re planning an outdoor event, buy banner stands that are designed to withstand the weather. The MediaScreen2 Outdoor Banner Stand, for instance, has a heavy base and bends in the wind.
  • DO use banner stands when you need to maintain a presence offsite. One FrontLine Exhibits client purchased over 300 banner stands to place in senior-living facilities, with a straightforward goal: to inform residents about a specific insurance product.
  • DO use banner stands for updates and accents. Maybe you already have a beautifully designed trade show display, but you want to highlight a new product, or celebrate an anniversary. The best way to convey that message on a pop-up banner.
  • DO limit the amount of copy on your banner stand. A small banner can’t tell your company’s entire story. They’re not meant to be read; they’re meant to be seen and reacted to. Talk to our in-house designer about your goals, and we’ll design custom banner stands that get the message across.