Trade Shows / 11.29.21 / By Chase Howells

Staying Thankful

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We may be days into leftovers at this point, but not too late to pause and offer our gratitude. The pandemic has helped us keep perspective about what is truly important, and to not take anything for granted. As far as work goes, I’m thankful for so many things! Here are a few:

Still being employed, and this company’s survival to this point were not givens. So many people I know personally and professionally lost their livelihoods or had to make career changes. I’m thankful for my position, but also for the people I’ve reconnected with on the other end. Clients and industry friends, and those who landed on their feet elsewhere. I’m also so thankful for clients who seemed to make it a personal mission to help us however they could!

Resiliency and people that “make it happen.” The event industry is filled with people who have to thrive under pressure and pull things off against the odds. Not to over-dramatize, but decisions are often made in a pressure cooker with expectations of success regardless of impacting circumstances. Many emerged to do things like illustrate safe events, advocate politically and to pivot their organizations to float the gap with no events.

People’s understanding and appreciation. You never want to make excuses, but the magnitude of difference between 2019 and 2021 is an undeniable reality. Labor issues, production capacity, material shortages, last minute cancellations, etc. In general, people understood that this is the beast we’re dealing with at the moment and smoothly recreating pre-pandemic scenarios should not be expected. And best yet, people have shown gratitude when things do go well.

Perpetual optimism. My clients and industry friends have maintained the attitude that a corner will be turned and we will be able to execute trade shows in a different, but still safe and effective manner. Even if we think there are challenges ahead, as long as there is a will to continue there will be a way.

Alright, enough platitudes. I’m so grateful for you all, hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoy the rest of the year. Look forward to serving you further in 2022!