Trade Shows / 01.31.23 / By Chase Howells

Preparing for Spring

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2023 is off and rolling now with show volume beginning it’s normal spring crescendo. We have been meeting with clients and hearing about what the year will look like for their in-person event efforts. Here are some of the trends we’re picking up on:

Increased Volume

2022 served as a reset year coming off of the pandemic. Whatever burnout existed in 2019 was rested and excitement about human interaction jumpstarted the live events industry. The returns were strong, and we’re seeing nearly all of our clients increase their participation this year. It also seems like the downtime brought innovation, and many new ideas are being brought to market with trade shows and events as the vehicle of delivery.

Varying Space Sizes

With participation up, companies are entering new shows at whatever size is available. Generally a smaller size for new show entry, but renewing successful shows at a larger footprint. So the demand for modular displays has increased, with the range desired also expanding. Where a request for 10×10 that flexed into 10×20 was common, now the demand is more tabletop to island. We’re trying to help our clients develop the proper mix of displays to accommodate their specific needs utilizing things like rentals for larger one-offs and more economical solutions for the quick, hotel-type conferences, and giving a durable display with graphic flexibility to get through the meat of the schedule.

Maximum Portability

Portability and ease of setup has always been important for our clientele. Now, with the volume of smaller events and conferences in play, we’re seeing even more interest in these attributes. Many companies are sending individual representatives to these and need something easy, repeatable, and able to throw into a rental car or checked luggage. This has allowed me to bring back my favorite setup video of all time:

While this display’s aesthetic doesn’t do it for everyone, it eases tension to know that there is an 8′ x 8′ display that weighs less than a retractable banner stand, packs into checked luggage and sets up in literally seconds.

We’ve been very strategic in our planning with our clients, the solutions are not one-size-fits-all. Don’t try to take on the burden of sorting out how it is all going to work! Let us help by creating a unique mix of products for your needs and even managing the when, where and how of it all for you! Reach out today as we begin to ramp up!