Trade Shows / 08.31.21 / By Chase Howells

Permanently Temporary – Space Design Moving Forward

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The last eighteen months has changed everything in terms of human interaction. Being a company involved in the marketing elements surrounding people being together we’ve started to see some trends develop. One of the biggest being the boom in remote work. In particular this remote work trend has changed how companies are looking at space. Here is some of what we’ve been learning.

So long skyscrapers

The ability for so many people to work remotely has kept many people doing just that, and the companies they work for are moving or looking to move out of their bigger office buildings quickly. We’ve started seeing an exodus from cities lately. I’m not expecting to see any new buildings anytime soon.

Where to meet?

If there isn’t a primary office space there at least needs to be a place to have occasional in-person meetings. Shared spaces are becoming popular for this. We can create graphics and displays to augment these temporary setups so you still have the branding and professional look you’d want when hosting clients.

Also, companies are recreating existing spaces to be more conducive to video and web engagement. Here the focus is monitors, lights, mics and speakers to allow for those not in the room to be as much a part of the meeting as possible with those who are.

What about retail?

We’ve covered previously the demand for an online order and pickup option, particularly for restaurants. We’re also seeing a push for temporary spaces, and elements within spaces, here as well. That could be the product of uncertainty moving forward, or just wanting to be flexible to what future demand will dictate. It is another situation where long leases and expensive furnishings are going by the wayside. We have been able to utilize displays and graphics from our trade show side to create a more temporary and reusable solution.

Shows and Events

Shows and events have finally started to return, but many are opting to be “hybrid” which allows those that are not physically there to attend digitally. This increases the technological need on the show floor in general, but also for the exhibiting companies. Consider adding cameras and mics to your space, and maybe even a staff member dedicated to engaging the digital attendees. While it may be frustrating to get the in-person time with only some prospects, others that wouldn’t have even considered attending live are now in play. Be able to adequately address them as well. This can also help prep for an event that goes virtual last minute.

Remote Professionally

If you’re having remote staff have video meetings with clients, it is still important to manage the look they’re projecting for the company. We have A/V and display packages that can created a professional branded environment in a home office. If your sales team can’t be in the room with the client you want the next best thing. A professional remote setting will show customers that a company values this method and it isn’t just a quicker, cheaper alternative.

Overall we’re seeing more tech inclusion and temporary setups. The ability to pop-up and create an in-person, digital, or combination experience effectively and then move on. We have the products needed to help achieve this in any type of space. How has remote work impacted your company? Are you setup to maintain necessary collaborative functions with digital employees and clients? We’re here to help if needed!