No Time Like the Present

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As we’re starting to see and hear about the event calendar finally being filled, we wanted to make a quick video to discuss the state of the industry and expectations for projects in 2021. Here are the highlights:

Good News!

  • Fully Operational
  • All Products Available
  • Normal Lead Times


  • Skeleton crews in production
  • Rapid ramp up in Q3 could require longer than usual lead times
  • Potential issues with inexperienced labor in production and on the show floor

How to Prepare

Start early! We’ve grown accustomed to working down to the wire to get things done. Now is the time to change that habit so that we can allow for longer lead times and potential issues. If you’re planning on exhibiting this summer or fall please let us know as soon as you can, and we will start working now on what we’re able to with your project. This will put us in the best position for final delivery.

We look forward to working on live events with you again! Contact us to discuss your plans for 2021!