Marketing Keys to Success in 2013: Engagement

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Happy New Year!engagement

2013 is now upon us. How do you feel about your organization’s marketing efforts in 2012? What are your work-related resolutions for 2013 (both on a personal level, and as a company)?

I recently read an article from Inc. titled, “5 Online Marketing New Year’s Resolutions for 2013.” This article, among others I’ve read gives examples of goals for 2013 that will help to breakthrough. This is the challenge, as we all know, in this world that we’re barraged from all angles as consumers and employees, how can you possibly get someone’s attention? We discuss this in our company regularly, providing products and services to people who work in departments that are typically well understaffed, and in an area that may not always be their top priority, it is tough to earn a minute of someone’s hard-earned time. The best way to get noticed, is to find a way to engage your audience.

See this article, recently passed along to me, titled, “Marketing Wisely|When the economy is down, engagement should be up.” It is specifically written for the restaurant industry, which we know is highly competitive and relies heavily on disposable income. There are probably a handful of restaurants that you can think of that you would effortlessly recommend, or love to be at this very moment. How did they come to hold this prominent position? Probably by offering more thanĀ just good food. I have written previously about the importance of creating a positive experience, and the benefit of reliability and consistency (becoming the trusted partner). Those are probably two of the elements that these restaurants have for you. A third must be how they engage you and get you back, or how they engaged you in the first place.

Don’t limit this to just restaurants. Think about the things that companies do that work to engage you. Consider the companies that have the long lines at the trade show, or at a shopping mall, and what they are doing. Ask your most active clients or customers what they like about your company, and what engages them. Use this information to create new ways for your company to engage. Some examples could be, becoming more active social media, pushing out more content, developing a more interactive website and/or mobile app. Others could be increasing face-to-face efforts via trade shows and events, or running promotions that reach the individual directly (iPad, gift-cards, etc.).

Make an effort to be fun, and original in a way your target audience can relate to. This gives your company the competitive advantage in what is most important; time and attention.

Author: Chase Howells

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