Making Reality Virtual – 3D Environments Bridge the Gap

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As we’ve now entered into 2021, I can assure you I’m still very eagerly anticipating the return of live events. That said, we’ve learned a couple of things in recent months; trade shows and live events will be the last to come back to any sense of normalcy, and some of the technologies being used throughout the pandemic will carry forward beyond it. In conversations with our team and with some industry leaders we have a derived a new opportunity for our clients that combines both of those points, creating unique virtual spaces. Currently we’re working this two ways: digitizing an existing space and creating a completely modeled virtual space.

Digitized Spaces

Digitizing a space involves us bringing out a 3D scanner to an existing location, photographing the space and generating a virtual 3d tour. We can add tags to highlight important areas and include photos, videos, links and files within the tags. It also provides measurements for the space which can be handy for those in the museum and retail areas. This technology has boomed in real estate, but now has been crossing over into hospitality, retail, foodservice, churches, museums, showrooms, and really any spaces that people have been hesitant or unable to visit in person. Here are some samples of how this is being used:



Food and Beverage:

Custom Virtual Space

In addition to building from real locations, we can use our 3D designers to create unique virtual spaces. This can be trade show style booths that have additional functionality like appointment setting, videos, live chatting, document sharing and video conferencing. Yes, if you’re participating in a virtual event these spaces are a way to pull attendees into a unique space that can highlight your brand, message and offer an experience more closely aligned to what your space would feel like in-person. The beauty with these though, is that they are not only open for the hours of the showhall, they remain live on their link 24/7/365. This makes this a sales tool you can use year round and specifically with targeted prospects. We can also recreate an existing physical booth into the virtual world, or we can build the virtual space you designed for use at a real event down the road! Following will be some samples of trade show still virtual spaces, but we can model any type of space you desire.



With us being close to a year of dealing with the pandemic world, all we’ve heard is that the bandaid of video conferencing hasn’t been enough to engage clients and prospects. Using one of the two above formats creates an immersive environment that is conducive for the times. It is not only a safe environment, but one that can be accessed at anytime (good for sales meetings and pre/post show meetings) and from anywhere (allows international participation). Even after live events have returned, these spaces can be maintained and utilized.

If you’re interested in how these capabilities can benefit your company, or if you have a specific project in mind that we could work on with you please contact us!