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From the Ground Up

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Earlier this month we released a product video highlighting a flooring product that our clients have enjoyed.  Here and there, we’ve touched on flooring in this blog as well. Still it is often overlooked, so I wanted to continue the discussion with some ways flooring is being utilized in the trade show and event spaces.

We design displays, yes, but more importantly we want to help design spaces, complete environments and experiences for our clients’ attendees. Part of that is the flooring. Due to time, budget and logistics we see far too often that companies will rely on the show provided carpeting for their space. Here are some reasons to consider a new flooring option:


Instant Differentiation

Anything outside of the same 3-4 standard colors automatically makes a booth stand out, especially when bunched tightly in linear spaces. The shows do a great job for themselves in requiring flooring and offering a few options to help fill the void. Most will leave it at that, as soon as one company doesn’t, they set themselves apart.



Brand Consistency

The standard colors are safe, but likely not a match to a company’s Pantone colors. Consider a carpet that matches your Pantones, or even a wood/stone look that is consistent with your brand image (ex. outdoor company using a rustic wood).




Flooring doesn’t have to be just one color. Utilize inlays of either different colors or wood-looks to create pathways to subconsciously direct traffic through the space. Using the same processes, you can segment out areas within your space for different needs (make an area for product A here, or have a fun game area along one side).




Sometimes even with the padding option provided, it feels like you’re standing on cement all day. Upgrade the flooring or use a foam option to help booth staff feel comfortable while having to stand all day.



Complete the Experience

Sometimes it makes sense to fully print the floor to totally immerse the attendee in the experience the booth is creating. Maybe it is a theme for a new product campaign or maybe event specific (think football field look at a Super Bowl event).




Sometimes you have a product or an entire space that needs to be elevated. Exhibiting outdoors can be an adventure when weather comes along. Even if it happens before the event, you may have to setup on sloggy terrain. You can use special flooring to protect all of your items and your attendees, getting them safely above the ground. You can also use raised flooring to keep a special product (machine or car for example) elevated.




I would like to hear how you think about flooring, and what cool ways you have seen it utilized. If you want ideas for incorporating it into your space, reach out and we would be happy to help!