Four Ways to Increase Trade Show Booth Traffic

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No one should spend the time, effort and money gearing up for a big show, just to have to stand (or even worse, sit) at their booth with no one stopping by. Here are four tips to help increase trade show booth traffic, and decrease the wasted idle time:


-increase trade show booth size

Though this increases cost, it can increase return as well. Larger booth spaces will have better locations within the exhibit hall, typically the size of the booth correlates directly with the location on the floor. Brand presence also increases in larger spaces, as there can be additional space both horizontally and vertically to add branding and messaging.

-sponsor the event

Sponsoring the event will automatically add additional pre-show and onsite marketing opportunities. The show management’s use of the sponsors’ branding in their communications offers an effortless increase in brand presence. This also will most likely give the exhibitor/sponsor a preferred placement within the exhibit hall.

-engaging technology

Attendees on the show floor will generally have a list of companies that they plan to see. That being said, in their travels through the aisles they can be caught off-guard and be engaged. Beyond the conventional booth elements like color and lighting, one simple way to engage the attendees is using technology. Things like iPad displays, videos and touch screens are great for stealing the attention of the passerby.

-pre-show marketing

Product interest and brand interest are two of the biggest factors in driving booth attendance. People attending specifically to evaluate a specific product, will focus on booths offering that product. They will also search for the brands they know, or have heard about. In advance of the trade show, be sure to inspire the attendee to add you to the aforementioned list of must-attends. This can be done with email, direct mail, promotions, pre-show appointment setting or some combination of these options. Do more than just invite, try to incent. Discuss what will be going on in the space. This could be a promotion, product demonstration, sample or even just a cool booth feature.

Which ways have you found to increase traffic to your booth?

Author: Chase Howells

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