Events Personify Brands

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In my position I’ve worked with hundreds of clients, many of whom are business-to-business companies as those are who prioritize trade shows in their marketing portfolio. In doing so, I’ve become familiar with what is almost the boilerplate presence of these companies online. A very buttoned up, professional website, usually filled with industry jargon and details. Content consists of stock photos, press releases and white papers. The great thing for me though, is that my introduction to these companies usually isn’t their landing page, but a smiling face or a chipper voice looking to tell me about an upcoming project. I get a humanized version of the brand through a salesperson or marketer (or combination) that bring these brands to life.

Business-to-consumer brands operate differently. Many understand the need for a personal, human connection. I was reminded of this as I passed by a truck for a local company that had a picture of the owner smiling and being goofy on the side. The picture also speaks to the internal culture of that company. It looks like it is a lot more fun to work there than the text block with the stock photo of two suits shaking hands!

I understand, these b2b companies want to put forward a very professional image. The fact is though, the products and services are still sold by people to people. They, like every good salesperson, talk about the strength of personal relationships in their selling. Over the course of the pandemic, all that have I’ve talked to about it have told me that web meetings are not giving them what they need at all.

This is where trade shows and live events come into play. By providing the opportunity for the people to become the brands and represent them, these shows and events humanize brands. And while these events are professional, people are smiling and having fun, letting their guard down to enjoy the moment with someone else. Its these moments that build the relationships that generate the leads and the deals.

I like so many of us, am excited we’ll have the opportunity to be doing this again soon! Check out last month’s blog to help prepare. Reach out and let’s talk about how we can help inject personality into your booth this fall!