Catching Up – Expanded Capabilities from the Past Year

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When people asked what we did at FrontLine Exhibits, up until mid last year my answer involved trade shows and live events, but now I talk about the projects we’ve been working on to carry us through the past year when neither of those options were on the table. Taking a glass half full approach to what’s gone on, let me touch on some of the areas we’ve been focused on and some of the newer products/services we’ve gained.


The majority of our work the past year has been in what we call our “environments” category which captures our work in more permanent spaces like office buildings, museums, retail/restaurants, healthcare facilities and schools. Lots of window and wall signage opportunities have come our way. We’ve done different vinyl applications, dimensional signage, standoff signs, collages, photos and more. One of our favorite projects is one that we completed in the early part of the pandemic, AllyAlign‘s headquarters highlighted in the video below:

We’ve installed signage in about a dozen different states over the past year and delivered out-of-the-box product solutions for clients in many more. This isn’t new, but we’ve had the chance to broaden the size and sharpen the skill of our nationwide labor pool.

The pandemic forced a lot of in-person activity outdoors, so we had a chance to do more external work on buildings, street signs, tents for restaurants/retail and flags. Here’s a glimpse at the products for businesses offering curbside that developed. We even did tinted windows and provided custom parking garage stencils with paint.

There was also a need to communicate rules and protocols, as well as offering sanitizing stations to visitors. Our COVID related products can be found here, but we hope this becomes an unused category!

Working From Home

As we all were sent home to work, I realized that the background of my officespace being the makeshift classroom for my then three year old wasn’t going to cut it. So I had a step and repeat made for our company, and had others join me in doing so.


Not only did we increase the volume of our “environment” installs, we improved the way we can capture physical spaces virtually with 3D scans. Here’s a sample of a clinic install we completed for a senior living facility in Orlando:

We’ve also added an excellent source to provide top-end commercial audio visual elements for offices and permanent settings. We can now provide the tools to allow our clients to highlight their spaces virtually, create virtual spaces and work effectively in virtual spaces.

Odds & Ends

Thanks to some clients who found ways at times to keep us busy, we added some new skills to our portfolio. Some of those things beyond what is mentioned above are 3d glasses, braille signage, retail shelving displays with uplighting, giftcard displays and printed aluminum signs.

This past year was… something… but on the bright side we’ve been able to expand our capabilities to be an even better, more complete partner for our clients’ in-person engagement needs moving forward. Let’s catch up soon to hear about your organization’s live marketing goals are for 2021 and beyond!