“Friends of FrontLine” Referral Program

Even the most successful exhibits businesses need new clients in order to grow and remain successful. Over the years, FrontLine Exhibits has received a number of referrals from its clients.  We feel this should be rewarded and, therefore, initiated the “Friends of FrontLine” referral program. Whether at a trade show or event when dealing with customers, prospects, business partners, or even your personal network, you hear about companies’ marketing needs and plans.

Friends of FrontLine Referral Program

The Friends of FrontLine referral program is designed to encourage you to keep us in mind as you hear about marketing needs for trade shows and events of other companies.

We will provide a 10% discount on your next purchase, regardless of value, for the referral of a new company or organization who makes a purchase from FrontLine Exhibits.  The referred client will also receive a benefit appropriate to the project.

Program Details

In order to qualify, the existing FrontLine Exhibits client must provide the contact company, contact name and contact details (email, phone number, etc.) to info@frontline-exhibits.com.   Also, the person must be expecting to hear from us to discuss his/her needs.  Alternatively, the referred client can contact FrontLine Exhibits directly and reference your company as the referring company.

The 10% price reduction is on design, graphics and rental or purchase of structures but excludes shipping, install and dismantlement and sales tax.

If an existing client provides multiple referrals, they will receive 10% price reduction per project for each referral on future projects.

  • Existing FrontLine Exhibits clients (those who have purchased in the last 5 years) are not eligible referrals. This information should become obvious during your discussion with the prospect company.
  • Expiration: The prospective client must make a purchase from FrontLine Exhibits within one year of the referral date.  After that, the referral expires. If a referred prospect purchases more than one year after the referral date, no award will be provided.
  • Duplicate referrals: The 10% discount only applies to the client who initially provides the referral.


Please contact us at info@frontline-exhibits.com or (804) 359-2422.