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» Xpressions: Multi-Use Element

Xpressions is a widely popular exhibit system that made its mark by providing quick setup/take-down, ease of message change, countless design options and great portability. These systems are being used in trade shows, events, conferences, retail and sales settings.

Click the links below for more information and product videos on the different systems and add-ons:

Xpressions SNAP
Xpressions Express Kits
Xpressions Sheer
Xpressions Connex
Xpressions LED LightBox
Xpressions PUSHTHRU
Xpressions Salesmate
Xpressions Monster Monitor Tower

  • Xpressions Salesmate 2x2
    Xpressions Salesmate 2x2

    Project » Xpressions Salesmate

  • Xpressions PUSHTHRU 10x20
    Xpressions PUSHTHRU 10x20

    Project » Xpressions PUSHTHRU 10x20

  • Xpressions LED LightBox 1x1
    Xpressions LED LightBox 1x1

    Project » Xpressions LED LightBox

  • Xpressions Connex 3x3
    Xpressions Connex 3x3

    Project » Xpressions Connex

  • Xpressions Sheer 4x4
    Xpressions Sheer 4x4

    Project » Xpressions Sheer

  • Xpressions Express Kit D
    Xpressions Express Kit D

    Project » Xpressions Express

  • Xpressions SNAP 4x3
    Xpressions SNAP 4x3

    Project » Xpressions SNAP