» Press Release 2/25/13 – FrontLine Exhibits growth rate accelerates to 24.2% in 2012

Richmond, Va.-FrontLine Exhibits (FLE) achieved revenue growth of 24.2% for calendar year 2012; reflecting the third consecutive year of revenue growth. “Expansion to the Coastal Virginia market and the continued growth in branded environments, which now represents almost a quarter of the total annual revenue, were the primary reasons for the revenue increase,” stated Henry Howells, President. He further stated, “We began to advertise the brand through a number of marketing channels, so we are seeing increased awareness of the company.”


An offering of new services and products also contributed to revenue growth.  In 2012, FLE added multi-touch capabilities including hardware, software and design to its product and service portfolio while expanding on its existing exhibit products and show services.  A number of current clients are now contracting their full trade show operations to FLE.


FLE has also created a number of strategic alliances with companies in parallel industries but without the full capabilities of an exhibit house. This has enabled the company to expand its client base as partner’s clients request the fuller range of products and services for their trade show or event. The alliances enabled FLE to expand into industry sectors that previously were not covered by the company.

With a strong order book going into 2013, further development of the branded environments and expansion into new geographic markets, FLE is anticipated to keep top line growth robust.

About FrontLine Exhibits


FrontLine Exhibits is a privately held business established in 1992. It is engaged in design, manufacture and sale of exhibits for trade shows, events and branded environments to businesses, nonprofit organizations and government agencies. For more information on FrontLine Exhibits, please check us out on the web at www.frontline-exhibits.com, Facebook, or LinkedIn. FrontLine Exhibits is located at 2248 Dabney Road, Richmond, VA 23230.  You can contact us at: (804) 359-2422 or [email protected]