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Creating Outdoor Event Displays That Get Noticed


Here in Richmond, Va., where FrontLine Exhibits is headquartered, everyone loves big, splashy outdoor events. There’s the hugely popular Ukrop’s Monument Avenue 10K. There’s Dominion Riverrock, the nation’s largest outdoor sports and music festival. There’s the Richmond Folk Festival, a free three-day celebration of food and music from around the world that draws around 125,000 people. We could go on and on. But just because an event is popular, does that mean you need to show up? The short answer: Yes. Here’s why these events are great for your brand. » Read More

Trade Show ROI: Do You Really Need to Go to Every Show?


In the middle of the busy trade show season, some marketers have a life-changing epiphany. “Why am I here?” they ask themselves, staring at the crowded (or not-so-crowded) convention hall around them. “Do I need to be here? What’s the point?”

These are excellent questions to ask. Often, trade shows simply become traditions, and years go by without any scrutiny of the reasons for going and the real trade show ROI. So is it worth it? Here are five more questions to ask that will help you determine the answer. » Read More

The Benefits of 3D Trade Show Exhibit Design


Time equals quality, we tell our clients.

With a short two-week lead time before your show, we can deliver a basic pop-up display. Give us four weeks, and we can produce a show-stopping booth design that brilliantly reflects your brand.

However, we know that it’s not always easy to get internal approvals for a new booth, especially if it’s custom-made. That’s why FrontLine Exhibits uses CAD to produce detailed 3D renderings of our more complex booth designs, so you can see everything before you buy. » Read More