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Retail Design 101

RetailDesignOver my six years with FrontLine Exhibits one of the areas we’ve looked to expand and develop has been retail and showroom design. The demand for us to entertain this segment derived from our clients who wanted to have us utilize some of the same core competencies we’ve shared success with on the trade show/event side into their other customer facing environments. Now we have a portfolio of designs for office entries, corporate showrooms, and retail spaces utilizing products like touchscreens, gondola shelving, wall graphics, window graphics, custom wood displays and custom product merchandising displays. All offered in a complete package starting from design conception through final installation. A lot of the people that come to us though, come with these projects as something added on to their usual workload, or just beginning this process for their company. In other words, they’re leaning on our experience to help them achieve success. Here is what that process looks like: » Read More

Should You Become a Certified Trade Show Marketer?


If you’re a nurse or a teacher, you need official certification. If you’re a barista or a kickboxing instructor, you don’t. So what about marketing? It’s possible to become officially certified as a trade show marketer, but it’s not an easy process. Here’s our take. » Read More

Three Ways to Freshen Your Trade Show Booth Design


Stylists say you should always accessorize with one statement piece: a bright scarf, an unusual pendant, a chunky ring. The same wisdom applies to trade show booth design — instead of always showing up with the exact same display, why not freshen your look a little.

We’ve talked about how you know it’s time to invest in a new trade show display. But sometimes you don’t need an entirely new display; you just want to tailor your messaging for a particular event. Here are a few ways to do it: » Read More