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“Order Takers” Vs. Impression Makers

tradeshowtoolsHere’s a secret trade show exhibit companies don’t want you to know:  A lot of them are order takers.

What does that mean? Their goal is to get the trade show booth design process over as quickly as possible, without thinking too hard. So they “work out of the book.” They recommend a suite of products made by a single manufacturer, so they can order all the pieces of your trade show exhibit at once. Backwall, counter, lightboxes, done.

There’s one problem with the order-taking approach. Your trade show booth design can end up looking exactly like everyone else’s. It says as much about your company as your lunch sandwich says about you. » Read More

Bringing a Trade Show Approach to Retail Design

tradeshowtoolsMany companies think of their trade show booth and their retail or showroom space as completely separate. Makes sense, right? One is temporary, one is permanent. One is made of fabric and frames; the other is drywall and concrete.

The truth is, they’re more alike than different. Both are branded environments, where the visual elements reflect your brand’s mission and personality. And the design principles that we use for trade show booth design also apply to your permanent space. The goal is the same, after all: To seize customers’ attention and inspire them to buy.

Building branded environments is a big part of what FrontLine Exhibits does. We provide the concepting, layout design, project management, custom flooring and fixtures utilizing a wide range of materials, and retail graphics. » Read More

Location, Location, Location


Location matters in real estate, restaurants, retail, advertising, SEO, on the trade show floor and just about everywhere else, especially in marketing. One area we deal with in particular where there are very specific pros and cons to location is the location of the show itself. Here we’ll touch on the obvious pros, but delve a little deeper on the cons and the potential pitfalls to be aware of. » Read More