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Introducing the Trade Show Toolbox


There are a ton of trade show blogs out there that focus on the sales-pitch side of the trade show experience. They talk about every aspect of selling: how to generate quality leads, how to turn “no” into “yes,” even what kind of candy to offer at your booth.


But at FrontLine Exhibits, our job is not making the pitch. You and your trade show team already know how to sell your product. Our mission is simple: to set you up to succeed. We ensure you’re 100 percent ready to make a big impression at your next event. While other exhibitors are showing up with outdated graphics, struggling to set up their booths, and blending into the sea of same, our clients are commanding attention with customized, cutting-edge displays.


That’s why we’re introducing the Trade Show Toolbox. In this space, we’re going to tell you everything we know about the nuts and bolts of trade-show exhibitions. Whether you’re a first-time exhibitor or a trade-show veteran, you’ll find useful, actionable tips to help you reduce your trade show costs, manage the creative concepting process, and deal with trade-show emergencies. Subscribe to our mailing list (fill out the form to the left) to get the best posts delivered to your inbox. » Read More

Conversation with a First-Time Exhibitor

We have the benefit here of regularly working with start-up companies as well as individuals who have taken on trade show and event responsibilities for the first time. I thought it would be a good idea to chat with someone who has been through that and could share some insight.

Earlier this year I began a dialogue with a new prospective client, Jessica Pohlen with Cata Company. She recently moved to the United States and opened her company’s first office outside of Brazil. Recently, she completed her first trade show as an exhibitor, and also the first for her company in the US. Hopefully, those who are considering exhibiting can learn from her experiences. » Read More

Five “Horrors” of Trade Shows II


Halloween is here, and we’re seeing it in major marketing, scary store decor and pumpkin filled neighborhoods. But none of the monsters, ghosts and goblins of Halloween fiction come close to the fear faced routinely in our industry. Money and time poured into shows and events, jobs and even companies on the line, at times all relying on eighteen wheelers hitting timeslots, laborers coming up with solutions on the floor and hit-or-miss technology. Several years ago I first put forth this blog idea, and now having been seasoned even more I’ve revised it because that horrible feeling of fear and anxiety is not only felt at the end of October for us. » Read More