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Trade Show Planning: One Tip for Saving Thousands (And Your Sanity)

tradeshowtoolsWhen it comes to trade shows, the best-laid plans of marketers go oft awry. Just when you’re breathing a relieved sigh that you hit your deadlines, a freak snowstorm delays your booth shipment by two days. The best-case scenario is that your display arrives at the advance warehouse in time for the show, but you pay an additional $30-per-100-pound handling fee. The worst-case scenario is that your booth space is empty. Then, “you would be up a creek, really, without even a boat,” as Crystal Knispel, FrontLine Exhibits’ production manager, puts it. » Read More

Floor It! High-Impact Trade Show Flooring


The most often overlooked branding opportunity at trade shows is right beneath your feet: the floor of your booth. Most of your competitors take the easy way out: They rent a gray or black carpet from the show organizer. But that only serves to make their booths blend in with everyone else’s.

There are all kinds of options for trade show flooring. We’ve ranked them from lowest to highest impact. » Read More

Trade Show Displays that Curve and Swerve


tradeshowtoolsHave you noticed that many trade shows feel like a sea of same?

Blocky booths stand in rigid lines: square space, square space, rectangle space. Most trade show displays have a flat 8-foot to 9-foot top line, backed by pipe and drape.

There’s a reason for this monotony. Remember how, before the economy — and marketing budgets — tanked in 2008, companies invested in expensive, custom trade show displays? These varied more dramatically in appearance — but they were huge and heavy. They shipped in crates weighing thousands of pounds, which often cost thousands to ship, and required a team of people hours to assemble.

Since then, most companies have downshifted to 10×20 and 10×10 pop-up displays. There’s a lot to love about these portable displays: They’re lightweight, they’re simple to set up, and they’re inexpensive. But now arises a big question: How do you differentiate your display from the rest? » Read More