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Catching Up with Featherlite’s Graeme Nelson

Over the past few years FrontLine Exhibits has had the pleasure to represent product lines from Featherlite Exhibits in our markets. Featherlite’s Medallion product line has quickly become a favorite of both our employees and more importantly, our clients. Featherlite … » Read More

The Final 4 Portable Displays

After a couple of weeks of games mixed with the “madness” of March college basketball has narrowed its teams down to the Final 4. Thinking about the sport’s four best teams, got me thinking about our clients’ four favorite displays. … » Read More

Let Us be Thankful

Life in the trade show and event world is a grind, no doubt about it. Constantly managing different people, products and places while fighting deadlines and budgets. But there is no reason to harp on the stressful and negative portions … » Read More