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Building an Experience

buildingmarketingexperienceMarketing through experiences is huge in the B2C world, and though not used as frequently in the B2B world of trade shows and events, it is still a highly effective way to develop a brand and make it memorable. Somewhere along the way many companies decided to opt for simplicity and forego the challenge of creating an experience. There are positives and negatives with both directions, but I would argue that the positives attributed to an experience are more directly in-line with marketing goals for trade shows and events. » Read More

Consistency Across the Marketing Plan


Orchestrating a cohesive marketing plan in 2016 is like composing one of Bach’s classical masterpieces. Okay, maybe it isn’t that difficult but it does require each segment of your marketing efforts to work together like the instruments of an orchestra to produce one harmonized composition. Additionally the number of marketing “instruments” these days is ever-increasing with new social media platforms being added, the shift towards inbound marketing and the traditional marketing methods like print ads, direct mail and trade shows. It is important to remain consistent across all areas so that one does not misrepresent your branding or messaging in a way that throws off the overall sound of the song. » Read More

Use Pre-Show Promotion to Reel in Attendees

on-the-line-1307753-640x480The overarching name for this blog is, “Diary of a Young Marketer” and though the young part may not apply forever (or now depending on who I talk to), I hope the marketer part does. Marketing is a passion of mine. It was my college major, and has always been at the center of my career. Given that, pre-show promotion is a topic I discuss often on this blog and in person with clients. It is the underutilized, but oh-so-important marketing piece to trade shows and events. » Read More