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5 Habits for Trade Show Success

tradeshowhabits2017 is under way, and with a new year comes resolutions that drive us to be better. Seeing as we’re already completing the first month, many could already be behind on these or even have long since thrown in the towel! Between staying faithful to my 2017 plans and adapting to our first baby, my days look nothing like they did before. But what I know will be the key to success is creating good habits and routines. Mapping out my days allowing the time and effort required to best accomplish each task (if successful, 2018’s goal will be more sleep as I can see that is the trade-off).

Good habits and routines do not just apply to success in personal goals, but very much apply to those at our jobs too. Exhibit coordination and event planning is extremely detail oriented, and far too often is not allotted the time and forethought needed for optimal results.

Here are five habits to start now, before many of you have fully jumped into this year’s trade show campaign: » Read More

The Pros and Cons of Trade Show Display Rentals


In the trade show world, “rental” sounds like a dirty word. Don’t you want your booth to look new, shiny and customized? Here’s a little secret: It will be, even if you rent the hardware. Hardware means the physical structures that support your backwalls, columns, kiosks and towers. No one notices the hardware — only the graphics and messages they convey. And choosing to rent has more benefits than meet the eye. » Read More

Ready, Set, Show: Your Pre-Season Trade Show Checklist


The exhibition hall is buzzing as you arrive. You begin assembling your booth for the first big trade show of the season, and as you set up your first banner stand, you realize something is wrong. The banner still has last year’s tagline. All the banners have the old tagline, in fact — the tagline your new CMO hates.

Uh-oh. This isn’t something you can fix with duct tape. » Read More