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portabledisplaysAfter a couple of weeks of games mixed with the “madness” of March college basketball has narrowed its teams down to the Final 4. Thinking about the sport’s four best teams, got me thinking about our clients’ four favorite displays. People often ask us what is the most popular display right now. I hope to answer that with the four that we like the most, we sell the most and most importantly, the displays we receive the most positive feedback on from clients.

The Retractable Banner Stand

About: This is the go-to for those looking for a quick, light versatile option. These are seen all over the marketing landscape in places such as trade show booths (as backwalls, tabletops and accessory pieces), retail stores, conferences hallways and corporate offices. They are cheap and quick to produce, offering an option that can be designed specific to the event it is used at.

Unique Client Use: A national non-profit is able to produce these with consistent, but unique branding for all of its state chapters to use at their events.

The Fabric Pop-up

About: The traditional pop-up with rolled up graphic panels has been replaced with a quicker easier option that offers the same large graphic presence. Our clients like its low price point, portability and ease of setup. This type of display is often used as a backwall for a 10×10 trade show booth, step and repeat brandwall for events.

Unique Client Use: A 10’x20′ version that we produced served as the backdrop to a congressional debate.

The Xpressions Express Kit

About: When it comes to flexibility in messaging and creative layout, these units are a favorite. A self-contained display with options to work in a 3′, 6′ or 10′ space, and hundreds of different messaging combinations, this display has become a favorite of ad agencies we work with, as well as clients looking to represent numerous messages, brands or product lines.

Unique Client Use: Because this display looks like a piece of rolling luggage when packed and weighs less than 50 lbs. it has been taken on planes and used internationally by our clients who then avoid the headaches of international shipping and customs.

The Tension Fabric Display

This type of display seems to have taken over the lightweight portable segment of the trade show industry over the past several years. Of all of the options in this segment, this one has the most clean, sleek look.  Its frameless design has become a favorite of those who are used to, or prefer, the modern European look.

Unique Client Use: Several clients utilize the double-sided nature of this display to represent one business unit on the front, then flip it around for their next event and represent a different business unit.

We really like these displays because they all have had such an overwhelmingly positive response by our clients. They are all small enough to fit in the trunk of a car, and easy enough to be quickly assembled by one person. Additionally, these four can be easily utilized for multiple brands or messages without buying additional hardware.

I am not going to put these in a bracket like basketball’s final 4 because they have proven that they are all winners, and their selection is decided by our clients’ specific needs. If you have a different favorite or want to offer feedback on any of the displays above, feel free to contact me.

Author: Chase Howells

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