» Let Us be Thankful


BlogTurkeyLife in the trade show and event world is a grind, no doubt about it. Constantly managing different people, products and places while fighting deadlines and budgets. But there is no reason to harp on the stressful and negative portions when we have many reasons to be thankful. We spend this time of year considering areas of our personal lives to be thankful for, let’s consider the professional areas as well. Here are some reasons the event community has to be thankful:

-Consistent growth in the industry

CEIR reports that the industry has grown year over year every quarter for the last four years. People are continually attending and exhibiting now. We hear about solid turnout and new shows developing regularly, which is leading to better results. Embrace the steady growth and maximize returns out of the opportunity.

-Advancements in trade show display materials

The industry now offers a wide range of products that can easily be assembled and disassembled by one person, as well as transported in the back seat or trunk of a car. It was not that long ago that the only portable and easy-install exhibit was the rollable-panel pop-ups. The introduction of high quality printing using dye-sublimated fabric has drastically increased flexibility, portability and ease. Add to that the variety of tool-less frames and realize the savings on freight, I&D labor and drayage on the larger exhibits and time, frustration and flexibility on smaller ones.

-Advancements in technology

In today’s booth, a single touchscreen unit can offer lead retrieval, looped video, literature, web-access, live streaming, product photos, games and more. Doing all of this with just one device and one plug makes it easy to create an engaging environment in a space of any size.

The other major breakthrough has been LED lighting. LEDs provide brighter, whiter light with a wider throw and longer life. It also comes in very flexible formats, even an adhesive strip “tape” style. Compare that to the 4 foot long incandescent lights of old and it is easy to see why backlit displays are showing up more frequently now than ever in the past.

Those who were around 5 years ago remember the detrimental impact of recession on the trade show and event marketing industry. Coming out of that period, we can’t overlook the great advances made in cost, materials and technology that has driven a more conscious and efficient trade show marketer. We can all be thankful for 5 years of progress, and the enjoyment that comes from creating one of the few environments anymore that people engage and interact with people. On Thursday, enjoy food, family and giving thanks in your personal life, and we give thanks to you and all those who make this industry a joy to be in.