» 4 Helpful Tips for a Rush Project

tradeshowrushIt is the time of year that around the office we refer to as “the busy season.” Our company has done a lot to diversify our model and maintain a consistent level of business year-round, but inevitably with trade shows at our core, the two peak seasons become the spring and fall. In the barrage of phone calls and emails this time of year, we receive many of rush requests. Maybe this is the first time your organization is trying trade shows, maybe an additional unplanned show has come up, or maybe you just got approval from senior management. We certainly understand that these and many other situations will arise, but hopefully we can help to reduce stress with these four helpful tips.
1. Prepare for Artwork
If you plan on purchasing a display at some point, purchase or maintain high resolution photography and keep corporate and vendor logos in vector form. As many of you already know, photos have to be exponentially larger and logos have to be vector to expand them up to the required sizes of most displays. They look great on the web and brochures, but will also scale up for larger graphic needs.

2. Rent if Possible
When you sign up for a show, contact an exhibit house to start the budgeting, designing and timeline process. That way there are no surprises when the show date comes near. If you’re already up against the wall when you sign up, consider a rental, so the display isn’t necessarily something you have to live with if there is not time to fully vet it. Use this experience to help prep, design and budget for the next show(s).

3. Have a Delivery Plan
The days get tight when trying to execute a rush project, and we don’t want to waste them on freight if possible. We will try to use a supplier in an area as close to the show venue as possible then ship to the show-site, or a hotel for smaller pieces, to buy a few extra days. This can make the difference in getting a hard copy proof, or not, and we always prefer that graphics are proofed.

4. Be Aware of Show Services
Ordering show services is one of the more unpleasant parts of the trade show industry, with all of the tedious forms, inexplicable charges and endless rules. In a rush, be careful not to forget about this part of the process as most of the services are based on the display that you chose (carpet color, electrical requirements, material handling, etc.). Ask your exhibit provider to help in a pinch. Also, know the timeline for show services. It will be beneficial to try to order these in advance of the discount deadline. You can save yourself around 30% on services by doing this.


We execute rush projects all of the time. Of course, its not the ideal situation for the clients involved, but hopefully these quick tips will help to lessen the stress.