» Four Holiday Wishes of Marketers


marketing-giftCurrently we are in “the season of giving.” With that comes friends and loved ones asking, “what would you like?” or “what can I get you?” So I started to think about this in a work-related sense. What do marketers want? What are the common denominators that all of my clients ask for? Here are four responses I came up with:


I never see another department in any office that consistently runs at such a frantic pace like the marketing team. It seems that the work to be completed pile always exceeds the work completed pile. It is not uncommon for myself or our other account managers to receive calls or emails long after 5 pm, well before 9 am and on weekends. Marketing is an area that is full of deadlines, and is often understaffed. This leads to the next point.


After the economy dipped a few years ago, marketing departments have been trimmed. Many of the clients I work with, despite the size of the company, have 2-3 people working full time on marketing. Most companies seem to be one person away from true efficiency in the marketing department.


All marketers dream of having an unlimited budget, to evaluate the vast array of marketing options, and aide in quickly building and enhancing the brand. But in reality, most are working with the opposite, a very limited budget. Having to settle in many areas and chip away as best as they can at the brand building. It is tough right now because there are even more areas that are hard to measure (social media for instance) and could use resources. These prove to be a challenge when being sold up the line without a cut and dry ROI.  This being said, surveys and discussions are telling me that marketing budgets are increasing right now, so we can be thankful for that and hope the trend continues.


No one likes to spend these countless hours, understaffed, with a limited budget coming up with the best solution possible, just to be overridden by someone not involved in the process at all, but this happens all of the time. The marketing department needs one of two things from finance, sales and executives to help marketing efficiency – trust or early input.  Unfortunately, all too often someone that has say does not approve the idea, but was absent in the ground stages. So, putting trust in the marketing department will increase their efficiency and happiness in their job.

I know by now that marketers have learned to navigate through all of these issues. Hopefully by leaning on vendor partners like us to help with all four of these areas, we really are the ones that can give the gifts above. My hope is that everyone enjoys the few days off we have coming up, spends time with family and friends and recharges for an exceptional 2014. And maybe, the holiday wishes above, may just come true.

Author: Chase Howells

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