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FrontLine Exhibits is in the business of delivering outstanding products with exceptional customer service to our clients, regardless of the circumstances. We truly work as hard as we can to deliver an exceptional finished product on time, and on budget. But to receive the best we can possibly give, we ask you to consider the following:

 -Begin with having your account manager provide FLE’s full capabilities to you and your team.

Sometimes we find clients are pulling their hair out over things we routinely and easily take care of, but they just did not know (organizing labor, ordering show services, a/v setup, etc.). We offer a multitude of related services to alleviate our clients’ stress and become an extension of their marketing team. Understanding the breadth of our capabilities often uncovers that the part of your project you are least looking forward to handling, areas that we can completely take off of your shoulders.

-Start early, allow as much time as possible.

Time is a luxury in our line of work, no doubt about it. With the help of great coworkers and suppliers, we routinely pull off those next-day miracles. That being said, our best work, of course, comes when we have more time. It allows us a chance to come up with the best design, use the right suppliers and test the final product before it goes out. A good rule of thumb if you are looking to do something custom, using the opening of the advance warehouse as the delivery date, allow for at least one month for production, with two to three weeks extra time for design/planning up-front.

-Be open about your budget.

Often times we get requests like, “Give me options for a 10 x 20.” When asked for a budget, we get, “don’t worry about that yet, just show me what you can do.”

I understand the person in this scenario is shopping and wants to see options, but this is like going to the mall and saying “give me options for a medium shirt.” There are countless options, especially when customization is considered. When I come back with 20 of the coolest shirts from Saks, that all cost $100+, and you really just wanted a plain t-shirt for $10, we have gotten nowhere. If you give a budget up front, we will in return provide options that are completely reasonable starting points, and recognize any potential design limitations. Even a range is helpful as a starting point. We will always try to give you the most bang for your buck.

-Define your goals and expectations.

We have an initial questionnaire that we work through with clients to help us understand the company’s culture, product/service offerings, current strategies and project goals. Having this information at the start of the project helps us to tailor the final product to your specific needs. It will also help us evaluate the  success of the project.

-Communicate throughout the project.

We begin the real work once the proposal is approved. On larger projects, especially, we need prompt client input throughout. Many decisions have to be made in a timely matter to stay on track with delivery. To make sure the final product is exactly as expected, communication throughout the production process is necessary.

Author: Chase Howells

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