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This post officially marks the first birthday of the “Diary of a Young Marketer.” Over the last twelve months, I have continued to learn about marketing, and the industry I’m in.

Here are some of the best quotes from year number one:

“Though it seems like there is opportunity to avoid human contact these days, all of the most memorable experiences from work and from life are not happening in front of the computer screen.” August 2011, Breaking News: People Forced OUTSIDE During ‘Hurriquake’!

“…the best way to justify anything in the sometimes abstract world of marketing is to find a way to measure it numerically. The numbers will help you to better plan for future marketing efforts and justify any dollars already spent. This will require more time, thought and effort for those of you that are not doing this, but again, what is the ROI?” September 2011, The Importance of Numbers in Marketing

“Marketing effectively when others are hesitant to, makes it much easier to break through to the target audience.” October 2011, The Advantage of the Economy

“If a brand becomes memorable for the right reasons and is aligned with the brand position; brand loyalty begins and the audience will not stray.” November 2011, 4 Things Marketers can Learn from Sporting Events

“I’ve identified my trusted partners and discovered areas where they can help me be more effective and efficient based on the products and services they provide.” January 2012, Resolve to Lessen the Load

“In 2012 the question is not how are you going to utilize technology in your company’s marketing, but how have you been using it and what are you going to do to build upon that usage.” February 2012, Marketing with Technology

“One thing I’ve noticed through observation, is that it does not matter whether the company you work for generates billions of dollars or it is a low revenue start up, every dollar counts and is counted. Those who measure, track and support thoroughly and accurately will shine.” March 2012, Exhibitor2012

“There are two keys at show-time; creating a positive experience for attendees and making sure each goal is being measured. The first will give you a sense of success at show-time, the second will prove it” April 2012, 3 Phases of Creating Trade Show Success

“If most people are as excited as you, chances are, you have a winner. If nothing else, you’ll get more input than you ever wanted, and will be able to ask questions you hadn’t thought of.” May 2012, Picking the Right Exhibit

I hope you’ve enjoyed taking this journey with me, and I look forward to another year writing this blog.

Author: Chase Howells

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