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Happy New Year!

The first two weeks of 2012 are in the books, so I ask, where are you with your new year’s resolutions? Did you have any work related resolutions?

I’ve noticed more and more that those in marketing roles tend to work long hours and wear an unbelievable number of hats within their organizations. Was one of your resolutions to lessen your workload this year? Maybe there are some relatively easy ways to do this that you’re not taking advantage of.

For instance, our company recognized that our contacts at different organizations could greatly benefit from an expanded product offering. So last year we began to focus on the additional services and segments we could provide to our clients, to be their sole source for face-to-face marketing needs. Our clients have been very receptive.

Clients that were previously coming to us solely for providing trade show exhibits are now utilizing us for handling the ordering of services and logistics for trade shows. Some others are utilizing us for different segments, like retail environments, outdoor events and office decor.

The point is, we’re offering a number of additional products and services to help alleviate stress for our clients. I’m sure other companies are doing this as well for their industries. Discuss some of the challenges you’re having, or things that are time-consuming for you, with your vendors. You may be surprised how much of your workload could be delegated.

Now of course these additional offerings will typically come with an additional expense, but your time has a value too. If we can handle the equivalent of one day’s work for you, I’m sure it would assist you in becoming more productive in other, probably more important, areas of your position.

Everyday I challenge myself to provide the best customer service possible to my clients, and become a trusted partner of theirs. I see this as one of the main purposes in my role as an “account manager.” In dealing with suppliers myself, I’ve found that some others feel the same way I do about their position. Through these dealings,I’ve identified my trusted partners and discovered areas where they can help me be more effective and efficient based on the products and services they provide.

Take the time now to determine who your trusted partners are, and explore their capabilities and product offering. By doing this, you could effectively save time for years to come.

Author: Chase Howells

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